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Alert: Consumer Products Recalled in March

SOURCE: News release from Office of Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita

INDIANAPOLIS – Attorney General Todd Rokita is encouraging Hoosiers who purchased consumer products that were recalled in March to take advantage of the remedies available to them.

“Hoosiers, you do not have to put up with faulty products,” Attorney General Rokita said. “If something you purchased was recently discovered to be defective, don’t wait to act. Find out what the company that made the product is offering as a solution and take advantage of it.”

The following consumer products were recalled in March, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

If you believe you purchased a recently recalled product, stop using it. Then, check its recall notice (linked above for all aforementioned products) and follow the notice’s instructions. Generally, the instructions will include directions about where to return the product, how to get the product fixed, how to dispose of the product, how to receive a refund for the product, or what steps must be taken to receive a replacement product.

To view recalls issued prior to March, visit the Consumer Protection Safety Commission website.