Medaryville Crane Mural Dedication set for Oct. 9, 2021

Artwork serves as a means to connect community members and celebrate community components.

On October 9th, 2021 at 9:30 am the public is invited to see the completion of phase two of a crane mural
in Medaryville, IN. In addition, Pulaski County Tribe is seeking suggestions for the name of the crane
that debuted for phase one. Suggestions can be submitted online at

PCT chose an artwork theme that highlighted a component of the rural community and partnered with
Indiana artist, Zach Medler, to bring the idea to life. Through support of local businesses and residents,
a location was secured and the funds were raised to create an eye-catching piece of public art. It is
prominently displayed in downtown Medaryville on the corner of Main and National Streets. The
location was provided by Pulaski County residents and business owners, Dusty and Casey Williams.
Phase one was completed in June and the second phase will take place the week of October 4th. On
October 9 at 9:30 a.m. the public can learn the name of the current crane and meet the artist during
the dedication.

Zach Medler (ZMED) is a muralist and printmaker based in West Lafayette. His 20+ years in the arts
have seen his style evolve from ceramics to printmaking to murals, while always working closely with
youth, community organizations, arts advocacy groups, and city officials to produce quality arts
programming and a locally-inspired aesthetic identity. His murals often celebrate local natural features
like wetlands and native plants and animals, but can also feature elements of historic architecture and
urban environments. “I believe in murals as community social wellness projects, and I believe my work
as an artist, organizer, and citizen reflect that.” Instagram: @zmedstudios

Pulaski County Tribe is a non-profit organization in Pulaski County. Their mission is to communicate,
collaborate, and celebrate among all communities in Pulaski County for the greater good of residents
and guests. The organization serves as a channel that brings together organizations, businesses, and
residents to positively impact communities in Pulaski County. You can learn more about PCT at To contact the organization, you can email