IHCDA seeks volunteers to count Hoosiers experiencing homelessness

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) and partner agencies across the state coordinate to conduct a one-night count of the homeless population. This year’s count will take place Jan. 26, 2022. IHCDA and partners are seeking volunteers in every county to help conduct the count. 

IHCDA’s partner agencies in this effort are members of Indiana’s Balance of State Continuum of Care, which comprise 91 of the state’s 92 counties — every county except Marion. The count is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and must be conducted at least biennially. For historical results of the Point In Time Count, please visit IHCDA’s website here. The PIT Count is a census of all unsheltered and sheltered persons experiencing homelessness across Indiana communities.

This count is a critical tool utilized by service providers working directly and indirectly with homeless individuals and families throughout the year. While a public place’s count can be subject to seasonal and other variations, the PIT Count is currently the most feasible method for gathering important information on homeless individuals and families. 

Volunteers interview on the street, at shelters and at service-based organizations- including food pantries, emergency rooms, police stations, libraries, health clinics and soup kitchens.

Those wishing to volunteer with the 2022 Point in Time Count, please email HMIS@ihcda.in.gov with the following information by January 12, 2022: name, city of residence, counties willing to volunteer in.

SOURCE: News release from Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority