Spring Celebration Art in the Park

A refresh is in full swing on the west side of the swinging bridge at the Winamac Town Park as part of a long-term community enhancement project being led by the Pulaski County Tribe, Art in the Park. The organization seeks to revitalize this area of the park for enjoyment by both residents and guests through updating the space and the incorporation of artwork. The group is working to complement current features and add some new ones. The space is open to the public and embodies many of the natural and community resources that can be enjoyed in Pulaski County.

Members and community volunteers have been hard at work refreshing the space including removal of debris and trash, power washing the artesian well and picnic tables, painting and staining of the artesian well, and removal of overgrowth on the walking trail. This work set the stage for the installation of two new new bench swings and new artwork. These components will be revealed during a public celebration, Art in the Park, a free event open to the public on May 7th, 11 am – 2 pm.

The celebration includes free hands-on activities, art on display, a live mural by Indiana artist Zach Medler, reveal of new artwork created by Winamac artist Patrick Pitcher, dedication of two new bench swings supported by the Breygogle and Darda families, an Art of Pickleball demonstration and opportunity to try equipment out, a balloon artist, and food trucks.

The next steps in the Art in the Park project include the addition of plant life, an interpretive sign near the artesian well, and installation of artwork selected by community votes.

“It is truly inspiring to witness the hard work and collaboration going into this project to positively impact Pulaski County. So many people have come together and rolled up their sleeves to provide an additional opportunity to embrace the pace of Pulaski County. We look forward to celebrating on May
7th and hope to see many smiling faces there,” stated Brandi Larkin, Founder, and President of Pulaski County Tribe.

This project is made possible through the collaboration of various community organizations as well as the Indiana Arts Commission and Tippecanoe Arts Federation. “From the smallest rural communities to the largest cities, we see arts and creativity improving quality of life and driving economic development, and this funding will support the projects and organizations around the state at the heart of this progress,” said Lewis Ricci, IAC Executive Director. “It is an honor to support work that is strengthening the fabric of Indiana communities.”

Pulaski County Tribe is a non-profit organization in Pulaski County. Their mission is to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate among all communities in Pulaski County for the greater good of residents and guests. The organization serves as a channel that brings together organizations, businesses, and residents to positively impact communities in Pulaski County. You can learn more about PCT at www.pulaskicountytribe.com. To contact the organization, you can email pulaskicountytribe@gmail.com.

SOURCE: News release from Pulaski County Tribe