Candidates for Second Congressional District caucuses set

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The list of candidates who have filed to fill the vacancies in the upcoming special and general elections in the Second Congressional District is set.

The candidates (in alphabetical order by last name) are as follows:

  • Dallas Barkman
  • Terry Harper, III
  • Curtis Hill, Jr.
  • Michael Hogberg
  • Scott Huffman
  • Tiernan Kane
  • Daniel Koors
  • Marvin Layne
  • Curtis Nisly
  • Christy Stutzman
  • Scott Wise
  • Rudolph Yakym III

The caucuses will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at Grissom Middle School located at 13881 Kern Road, Mishawaka, IN 46544; doors will open at 10 a.m.

A Facebook Live stream will be available at for those interested in watching the caucuses.

Caucus Process

The caucuses will be presided over by Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer and be conducted in accordance with Indiana Republican State Committee-approved caucus rules and procedures. Each candidate will be given the opportunity to have an individual speak for two (2) minutes by way of introduction and each candidate themselves will be given three (3) minutes to speak.

Following candidate speeches, voting will then occur, beginning with the caucus to fill the ballot vacancy for the general election. Following each round of voting, if no candidate receives 50 percent + 1 of the votes of those eligible, present, and voting, the candidate or candidates who receive the lowest number of votes will be dropped. That same process will be repeated until a candidate receives 50 percent + 1, making them the nominee for the general election.

Following the selection of the nominee for the general election, selection of a nominee for the special election to fill out the remainder of the vacated term will then occur. Only precinct committeemen representing the current Second Congressional District will be allowed to participate in this process. The same voting procedures used during the first caucus will be used during the second.

Once both nominees have been selected, Chairman Kyle Hupfer will submit a notice of nomination for each caucus to the Indiana Election Division.

SOURCE: News release from Indiana Republican State Committee